Election Committee Statement 11 2023

2023 Official Results Chairperson

2023 Official Results Secretary Treasurer

2023 November Elections

official Primary Results2

official primary results

2023 Official Primary Candidates


Secretary/Treasurer Candidate Statements

Robert Super - Candidate Statement

Scott Quinn - Candidate Statement

Deanna Super - Candidate Statement

Chairperson Candidate Statements

Angelina Bailey - Candidate Statement

Nicholas Alexander - Candidate Statement

Russell Attebery - Candidate Statement

Robert Nelson - Candidate Statement

Crispen McAllister - Candidate Statement


Orleans Member at Large Candidate Statements

Eli Hensher-Aubrey - Candidate Statement


2023 General Election

2023 Primary Unofficial Candidates

Notice of Primary Election 2023

2023 OFFICIAL 2023 Special Run Off Election Results


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