The Office of Self-Governance

The Karuk Tribe is a federally recognized tribe which is recognized as a sovereign government - a nation. It is for this reason that the Tribe has established the Office of Self-Governance. This office is responsible for government to government relations. 

As a formal government the Karuk tribe has government-to-government relations with local, state and federal entities. The Tribe protects its natural resources through the Tribe’s fundamental right to self-governance and inherent sovereignty. Self governance is a fundamental right that the Tribe practices as a result of legislation passed on October 25, 1994. This legislation provides the Tribe with control and decision making authority over federal financial resources. More importantly, self-governance fosters the shaping of a new partnership between the Karuk people and the United States in its government to government relationship. This opportunity of self-governance provides administratively the opportunity for the Tribe to exercise its sovereignty with minimal federal intrusion and involvement. 

It is through this self-governance decision making authority that has allowed management responsibilities to return to the Tribe. In this fashion, self-governance is about decision making by the Tribe over its own destiny through this transfer of federal funding to the Tribe, where decision making can be made without outside interference. Of course, the tribe is accountable to its own people for resource management, service delivery and development. Because of the ability to control its decision making process, the Karuk Tribe has expanded the level of services that it provides and has brought economic benefits to the members of the Tribe. 

Pursuant to the mandates of self-governance legislation, the Karuk Tribe is currently involved in developing its housing stock, its medical facilities, its economic base and of course the protection of its natural resources.


The office of Self-Governance will continue to advance the interests of the Karuk people by advocating on their behalf in Washington and Sacramento. Members of the Tribe are encouraged to vocalize their concerns to self-governance so that their feelings can be transmitted and ideas can be galvanized into action. 


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