Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


This program in Happy Camp exists to provide persons convicted of DUI

offense with: a quality program licensed by the State of California; education, counseling and referral to assist the

person in self-evaluation of an alcohol and/or drug problem; knowledge to

prevent subsequent DUI offenses;

support in achieving total abstinence from alcohol and other drugs while in the DUI program and to protect the public health and safety upon the


The following DUI courses are available and pricing is based on the number of services to be delivered:

Wet Reckless (12 Hours)

3 Months or more

9 Months

18 Months

( All sessions of the programs are 2 hours)

Available in Happy Camp only

(530) 493-1450

Lic# 47-003-01-120 Expires 6/30/2024



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