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If you are having a computer-related problem or need computer equipment please use the IT Work Order form to request help:

Download the IT Work Order as a PDF form here, print it, fill it out, and FAX it to 493-1635,
download the IT Work Order as a MS Word document here, fill it out and FAX it to 493-1635, or email it to the helpdesk

       You can also call the IT Help Desk at 493-1675 to report issues.

If you need computer access, email, or access to other services, such as RPMS fill out the CARF:

Computer Access Request Form (MS Word) Computer Access Request Form (Fillable PDF)

This form needs a supervisor to sign and approve it and then it can be FAXed to (530) 493-1635 for processing

Setting up and using voicemail on Polycom and SNOM Phones


This is a basic guide to explain how to set up your greetings and how to access your messages on a SNOM VOIP (voice over IP) phone.

To access voicemail functions you can dial *97 or press the Messages/Retrieve button on your phone (if Retrieve button doesn’t work please contact IT dept and we will set it up for you.) Upon entry to voicemail you will be prompted for your password. You can change the password as explained below.


After entering the password you will hear the following prompts:

            Press 2 to change folders (These are various folders where different types of messages can be stored which we normally don’t change or use).

            Press 3 for advanced options (Not used at this level).

            Press 0 for Mailbox Options (To setup or change voicemail options) Gives the following prompts:

                    Press 1 to record unavailable message (when you are away from the phone)

                    Press 2 to record busy message

                    Press 3 to record your name

                    Press 4 to manage temporary greeting (use to temporarily change your normal message when you are on travel or for other change of circumstance)

                    Press 5 to change password (you will be prompted to enter a new password)


When you receive a new message the message light will be on. Dial *97 or press Retrieve to open your voicemail. You will hear the following prompts:

            Press 1 for new/old (old if you only have saved messages) messages

            Press 2 to change folders (normally not used)

            Press 3 for advanced options (Not used at this level).

            Press 5 to repeat current message

            Press 7 to delete message

            Press 8 to forward message

            Press 9 to save message

            Press 0 for Mailbox Options 

            Press * for help

            Press # to exit

            (These are pretty much self-explanatory).


Upon opening a new or old message advanced options gives you the following choices:

            Press 1 to send a reply

            Press 3 to listen to envelope information (time and date of message)

            Press * to return to the main menu


Message light will go off a few moments after you exit voicemail.


Checking voicemail from an outside phoneline

To check your messages from an outside line you will need to dial the main office where you work (e.g. 493-1600)

Once you hear the Interactive Voice Recording Press *, dial your extension at the prompt (Comedian Mail, Mailbox) and then your voicemail password.

You can then follow the instructions above for accessing your voicemail and mailbox options.


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