Wildland Fire Program

Karuk Engine 641

(Karuk Engine 641 Type 6 2020 Dodge Ram 5500)

Prescribed burning is an ancestral cultural practice that has taken place for thousands of years to manage the landscape, to stimulate the production of resources for humans and for animals, to prevent catastrophic wildfires, and to provide for species abundance and diversity. The euro-american invasion has since disrupted cultural fire practices with (among other injustices) fire suppression policies. 

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(Prescribe Fire 2020)


Currently The Karuk DNR works to restore these cultural practices, and has identified the Wildland Fire Program to operate under cultural objectives to return the seasonal low intensity fires, which the ecology has evolved with since time immemorial. 

Karuk Crew 1 2020

(Karuk Crew-1 Type 2 IA)

Scot Steinbring

S Steinbring 002

Fire Management Officer

I am a specialist on forest management and have over 32 years of experience. I have worked  for numerous federal and state organizations in Fire suppression and Fuels treatment. I am on a type 2 Management team as a division and a type 3 ICT for the Klamath River Trex, I am currently funded through FY 2022 through the Calfire grant program and will provide oversight, guidance, and program coordination functions for project implementation of the somes bar project fire suppression resources.



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