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Áan Chúuphan High Speed Internet Access for Orleans!
For billing or technical assistance call: 530-627-3695
Áan Chúuphan (Talking Line) will provide unlimited high speed broadband to homes and businesses in the Orleans community using wireless (wifi) technology. Unlike satellite service, Áan Chúuphan Internet access has no data cap, meaning that subscribers can utilize the service non-stop without metered access and with no overage fees.
Áan Chúuphan service offerings:
Basic Broadband:                 1.4 Mbps        $40 per month + $4 radio rental
Enhanced Broadband:          3.2 Mbps        $80 per month + $4 radio rental
Basic Business:                    5 Mbps         $120 per month + $4 radio rental
Enhanced Business             10 Mbps        $200 per month + $4 radio rental
There is a one-time installation fee of $49.
(optional) Indoor WiFi router - $60
Subscribe now by downloading and filling out this form:  Áan_Chúuphan_Customer_Application_Fillable.docx
You may also download and print this form:  Áan_Chúuphan_Customer_Application_Printable.pdf
Mail completed applications to:
Áan Chúuphan Karuk Internet Service Provider
PO Box 1016
Happy Camp, CA  96039
By using Áan Chúuphan services, you agree to abide by the Áan Chúuphan Internet Service Agreement.
Áan Chúuphan is the product of 4 years of planning and construction.  In 2011, the Karuk Tribe was awarded a grant from USDA Rural Development Community Connect Program.  This grant enabled the tribe, in cooperation with Siskiyou Telephone, to build fiber optic cable from Orleans to Somes Bar, and to build and install a new communications tower overlooking the community.  Whenever possible, Karuk Tribal members were employed during the construction, and native-owned businesses were hired for the construction, including EarthPrint Technologies and Native Link Communications.  The tribe also extends special thanks for all their help on this project to community members Penny Eckert and Bari Talley.
In addition to home internet access, the Orleans Computer Center and Panamnik Library offers computers for use by the public at no cost.  Please stop by the center to check your e-mail or look into getting a college degree online.  The Computer Center is located at 459 Asip Rd.
For more information please call 530-627-3695
The Karuk Tribe is a registered Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in California.


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