Karuk Tribal TANF Program

 Mission Statement

To preserve and strengthen the children and families of the Karuk Tribe and other Native American Tribes through an effective social welfare system that empowers individuals and families to work toward and achieve self-sufficiency, sobriety, and to become loving responsible parents in a culturally relevant way.

2020 - 2023 TANF Plan

Please send all comments to:

Executive Director

Yreka TANF Office, 1501 S. Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097   Or Send an email to the TANFDistribution@karuk.us.


Purposes of TANF

  1. To provide assistance to needy families so that their children may be cared for in their own home.
  2. To end dependence of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation, work and marriage.
  3. To prevent and reduce out of wedlock pregnancy.
  4. To encourage the formation and maintenance of two parent families.

If you would like to apply for TANF assistance please click the following link to download and fill out the TANF application. The application can be delivered or mailed to the addresses at the top of the form. - TANF Application

If you would like a copy of the TANF risk assessment form please click on the following download link:

Risk Assessment

Project Activity Request

Project Proposal


The Karuk tribe is providing Non-Reoccurring Short-Term Benefits (NRSTB) assistance in response to the current pandemic crisis. To offset the financial burden to this crisis. Click the following link to view the NRSTB Flyer.

The Karuk Tribe, through the Tribal TANF program will be providing emergency services in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

This emergency services will be provided for up to 4 months, depending on the crisis.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, and the health and safety of our employees, TANF will not accept applications at any of the offices. ALL applications with supporting documentation will be sent via Regular Mail, Fax Email to the Yreka TANF office ONLY!!! For emailing use the following email address: TANFdistribution@karuk.us

TANF will expedite the processing of all applications. 

The application can be found on our web site www.karuk.us. Under Departments (TANF). COVID-19 Application

All application must be determined eligible, prior to receiving services.

TANF cash assistance clients, who are experiencing a family crisis situation or episode of need are to contact their case worker. Please do not fill out this application.


“TANF Other Eligible Activities Program”

“Until further notice”



With the strict requirements associated in the Karuk Tribe current COVID-19 Plan, TANF will be providing project activity services to Native Americans families and/or individuals participating in any sports activities while social distancing is a requirement. Registration and Required uniform and equipment. No travel assistance is authorized.


The Karuk Tribe takes the health and safety of its’ people and community very seriously.




TANF Offices

Locations and Contact Information:


Karuk Tribal TANF Program - Administration - Happy Camp

533 Jacobs Way

P. O. Box 1016

Happy Camp, CA  96039

(530) 493-1440 | Fax (530) 493-1441 or 1442

 Tina King  Compliance Technician Ext. 6008
 Lindsay Whitehouse  Administrative Assistant Ext. 6007


Karuk Tribal TANF Program - Happy Camp 

64015 Hillside Road

P.O. Box 1016

Happy Camp, CA 96039

(530) 493-1440 | Fax (530) 842-1441

 Lisa Aubrey Family Services Specialist

Ext. 6003

Jennifer Goodwin Family Services Assistant Ext. 6009


Karuk Tribal TANF Program – Yreka

1501 South Main Street

P. O. Box 1730

Yreka, CA  96097

(530) 842-4775 | Fax (530) 842-4702

 Lester Alford Executive Director Ext. 7108
 REL Bailey Family Services Assistant  Ext. 7101
 Summer Carson
Receptionist/Intake Clerk

Ext. 7100

 Cheryl Bearchild SUDS Counselor Ext. 7107


Karuk Tribal TANF Program – Orleans

37960 Highway 96 Bldg. C

P. O. Box 141

Orleans, CA  95556

(530) 627-3471 | Fax (530) 627- 3459

 Jennifer Goodwin      Family Services Assistant                        Ext. 3501
 Phil Albers, Jr. Cultural Activities Coordinator Ext. 3502


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