Child and Family Welfare Services Program

Working to Serve “Nanu Arrara Karu Axxichas” Our Family/People and Children



The Mission of the Karuk Tribe's Child and Family Welfare Services Program () is to preserve, protect and strengthen the children and families of the Karuk Tribe through an efficient and effective service system that empowers individuals, families and communities.

The Child Welfare Services Program staff work to protect the bond between the Karuk Tribe and its children and culture thereby promoting the security and stability of the Tribe and Karuk families. We work with other departments within the tribe, other tribes, other local helping agencies, and promote and advocate for our children in state and county courts.


The Program is focused on maintaining the connection of the child to the tribal culture and community.


The Program provides services such as:


1. Voluntary Cases: A Parent or Family member may seek aid/services from our program to prevent future interventions by county or state agencies, to seek referrals to help with personal or family wellbeing such as to counseling, for school aid, parenting or cultural classes, and at any time for advice or help with family safety and parenting help.

2. Adoption, Promotion and Support Services

3. Recruitment, Training and Certification for Native American Foster Parents/Relative Caretakers

4. Intervention and Referral Services/access to services such as, medical, dental, mental health, domestic violence related services, drug and alcohol counseling services, anger management and parenting classes, youth counseling and cultural enrichment programs

5. Family Preservation

6. Time Limited Family Reunification

7. Maintaining a working relationship with the Karuk Tribal Court

8. Limited ICWA Advocacy in State Court for eligible ICWA cases



All ICWA Notices for the Karuk Tribe are to be routed to:

Karuk Tribe
Attention: Child Welfare Services Program/ICWA Unit
1519 S Oregon Street
Yreka, CA 96097


NOTICE: If you are on this webpage to contact a social worker about a child in IMMEDIATE Danger contact your county Child Welfare Services hotline. For Humboldt County the number is 707-445-6180. For Siskiyou County call 530-841-4200 (daytime) 530-842-7009 (nighttime). To locate the county hotline for another county in California go to: CPS Emergency Response Hotline Numbers


Orleans District  Office                                            Yreka District  Office
Child Welfare Services Program/ICWA Unit                Child Welfare Services Program/ICWA Unit
325 Asip Road                                                             1217 S. Main St, Suite B
Post Office Box 249                                                     PO Box 1207
Orleans, CA 95556                                                      Yreka, California 96097
Phone:(530) 627-3452 ext. 4 ext.3211                        Phone:(530) 841-3141
Fax: (530) 627-3018                                                    Fax:(530) 841-7107
Happy Camp District Office
Child Welfare Services Program/ICWA Unit
64105 Hillside Road
Post Office Box 1016
Happy Camp,CA 96039
Phone: (530) 493-1450
Fax: (530) 493-1451
Part of the ICW Committee's responsibility is to start and oversee our own Karuk Tribe Foster Home. Karuk children have the right to grow up among their own people so we will continue to recruit foster parents. If you would like to offer your home and family and become a foster family, please contact our Child Welfare Services Program. To apply you need to complete and submit a foster family application.To obtain an application please stop by the Yreka Child Welfare Services Program Office (1519 South Oregon Street, Yreka, California) or contact the tribal social worker in your service area. An online version will soon be available under the forms section of this page very soon. A potential placement may also contact a tribal social worker to see about becoming a foster parent through a certified foster care agency outside of the tribe.


Cultural and California Indian Resources for Current Caregivers and Parents and Prospective Foster Parents of a Karuk Child:

(Northern California Indian Development Council. Locations across NorCal).

(Online Karuk Dictionary)

(Online Karuk Cultural Resources)

(Online Karuk Language and Cultural Resources)



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