Policies & Procedures

Personnel Policy Manual (PDF) Most recently amended 5/29/2020

Travel and Vehicle Use Policy Manual (PDF) Most recently amended 9/24/2015

Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF) Most recently amended 9/19/2019

Land Use Compliance Policy (PDF) Approved 5/20/2011

Tribal Constitution (PDF) Revised 7/19/2008

Resolution Procedures (PDF)

Limited English Proficiency Policy (PDF)

Consultation Policy (PDF)

Procedures for Virtual Council Meetings (PDF)

Benefits and Payroll Forms

Summary of the Karuk Tribe Employee Savings Trust 2018 (PDF)

401(k) Enrollment Form (PDF)

401(k) BeneDesignation (PDF)

401(k) Online Access Flyer 2018 (PDF)

401(k) Basic Plan Document 2018 (PDF)

         401(k) Loan Application (PDF)

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (MS Word)

Request For Leave (PDF Fillable)

Request for Medical Leave (PDF)

         Request for Leave under Attachment H of the Personnel Policy (PDF)


         2020 Timesheets (MS Excel)

         2020 Holidays (PDF)

        2020 Pay Periods and Pay Dates (PDF)


Miscellaneous Forms & Documents

Agenda Request Form (PDF)

Authorization to Submit Proposal (MS Excel)

Complaint Form Health (PDF)

Complaint Form (PDF)

Computer Access Request Form (MS Word) (Updated 10/19/17)

Computer Access Request Form (PDF Fillable) (Updated 10/19/17)

Contract Procurement Policy (PDF)

Employment Application (Rev. 20161110)

Employee Evaluation Forms (RTF)

Employee Disciplinary Report (MS Excel)

IT Dept. Work Order (MS Word)

KT Resolution Template (MS Word) (Updated 09/26/2019)

KT Travel Advance Request (MS Excel)

Maintenance Work Request (PDF)

Mileage Request (MS Excel)

Obtaining Employee ID Cards (MS Word)

Procurement Documentation Form (PDF Fillable)

Protocol with Agreement for Intellectual Property Rights of the Karuk Tribe (PDF)

Purchase Requisition (MS Excel)

Request for Contract (PDF Fillable)

Request for Resolution (PDF Fillable)

State (CA) Auditor's Report (PDF)

United Nations Declarartion on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (PDF)

Vehicle Incident Report (PDF)

Vehicle Usage Log (MS Excel)

Vehicle Usage Sheets Info (MS Word)

Workers Comp Claim Form (PDF)

Enrollment Department Forms & Documents

Instructions for Obtaining Tribal ID Cards (PDF)

Karuk Questionnaire (expanded) (PDF)

Karuk Tribal Membership or Descendancy Application (PDF)

LIAP Department Forms & Documents

LIAP Application

Historical Tribal Infomational Documents

History of Health Services for American Indians (PDF)

History of Health Services for California Indians (PDF)

Karok – By William Bright (PDF)

Tribal Government Profile and Summary (PDF)


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