TANF "Other Eligible" Assistance


KTTP may provide TANF Purpose 3 and 4 prevention services and activities to both assistance eligible families (whose income does not exceed 250% of the FPG) and to non-needy individuals and/or families whose income is under 500% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.  Non-needy families that are under 500% of the FPG will also need to meet the eligibility criteria, as outlined in this plan, for Purpose 3 and 4 activities. These activities will advance the prevention of out-of-wedlock pregnancy, encourage and foster the formation of two-parent families, and support maintenance of existing two-parent families.

Families whose income exceeds 500% of the FPG will not be eligible for TANF Purpose 3 and 4 activities or services.


Requirements for an individual requesting one time “Other Eligible” assistance:

     1. Complete an “Other Eligible” Risk Assessment

     2. Complete a Participant Activity Request (for each child)

     3. Provide Proof of Tribal Membership

     4. Provide proof of Residence

     5. Provide Activity Flyer/Activity Registration

     6. Provide Activity Requirements (i.e.,uniform and or equipment)


Once the above information is received, verified and accepted or denied, you will be notified our decision. Until all documents are received our request will not be completed. This information must be received at least two weeks prior to the activity or event starting.

You can only be enrolled in one activity at a time.


If you would like a copy of the TANF risk assessment form please click on the following download link:


Risk Assessment (Per Family)                                                                  

Participant Activity Request (One per child)                                              

Risk Assessment - Fillable (One Per Family)

Participant Activity Request Fillable (One per Child)


TANF Project Requests

KTTP will work with internal tribal departments, as well as outside agencies to provide maximum services to the tribal community. KTTP will ensure that in determining the types of service to be considered, that no duplication or supplanting of services occurs between participating departments.  An “other” eligible risk assessment and a project activity request must be completed to determine the special needs or barriers.  Unless the state instructs otherwise, the tribe may also use MOE funds to pay for non-assistance, pro-family activities for individuals or family members, regardless of financial need.  “Other” eligible applicants/participants must be members of the approved service area and the approved service population.  The following “at-risk” criteria will be utilized to determine “other” eligibility for Indian children and families who may benefit from participation in select activities under TANF Purposes 3 & 4.  At least two (2) of the “at-risk” factors must be present for children and their families to be eligible for participation in TANF Purpose 3 & 4 activities.

  • Living in the Karuk Service Area
  • Attendance at a low performing school districts
  • Residing in a high rate of crime area
  • Family with an absent parent or child living with a caretaker relative
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Family/victims of/with substance abuse
  • Family member has been convicted of a crime
  • Youth with low academic skills
  • Have negative self-perception and/or low self-esteem
  • Youth with truancy issues
  • Homelessness or housing stability issues


Requirements for an individual/organization requesting one time or recurring Project assistance:

Read the following Projects Description and fill out and submit the following Project Proposal and submit to TANFdistribution@karuk.us.





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