Karuk Language Materials


Karuk Online Dictionary and Texts consists of a searchable Karuk/English dictionary with some sound recordings and photos, and a series of longer Karuk audio recordings and written texts.

Karuk Language Videos
were created by Tribal community members who participated in the our ANA-funded language documentation project. Teams of Elder Speakers and  Documentation Apprentices worked together to record and edot these videos.  Check back often - there are more videos to come!


Karuk Storytellers.org has Karuk Language Resources including links to other sites.


êeth píkva: The Story of Slug The Story of Slug is a collaborative project between the Karuk Language Class and the Art Class at Hoopa Valley High School in 2010. The story was recorded by the Karuk Language I, II, & III students. The artwork was done by Art I-II students. The video was put together by Phil Albers Jr. Click the link above to watch and listen.




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