Karuk Tribe Diversion Program

Chimi nu’arariihkanhi

Let-us-recover i-mperative.

Lets heal


The Program provides access to educational supportive and culturally based tribal services and activities

to tribal members who are at risk of academic failure/SARB or those with truancy challenges.

At this time, the program considers every Karuk child at risk due to schools switching to distance learning.

We are operating during the summer.


1. Members of a Federally Recognized Tribe residing within the Karuk Tribe Service Area, and 

2. In 5th through 12th grade, and 

3. At risk of academic failure/SARB or those with truancy, or 

4. Experiencing challenge with adjusting to distance learning

Contact: (530) 643-2779

(530)841-3144 x6508

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