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2015-2016 Karuk Higher Education Grant

Applications Available Below!

Applications are accepted now through July 31,2015


 The Student Rent Voucher Application for 2015-16 has been updated. Please see below.


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The Education Department is located in Happy Camp at the Karuk Tribe Administration Office.  The Education Department administers programs and activities through the BIA-funded Higher Education Grant Program, tutorial assistance through JOM and other educational enrichment activities including cultural education and support for Karuk Language instruction.  The Education Department also provides career planning and educational advocacy for Tribal members and descendants.  Referrals to other agencies for other educational assistance and services can also be made if needed. 


The Education Department of the Karuk Tribe encourages all Tribal members and descendants to obtain their goals in furthering their education. The Education Coordinator can offer support when applying to Colleges and Universities, filling out Financial Aid applications, and applying for the Grant Award offered by the Karuk Tribe.

Another service provided by the Education Department to those in our service area, that is defined as Orleans, Forks of Salmon, Somes Bar, Happy Camp, Seiad, Klamath River and Yreka; is educational advocacy for students and parents/guardians if they are having trouble with the school system. There is also help with navigating through the IEP process.


If you have any questions please feel free to call the Education Department at (530)493-1600 Extension 2034 or toll free at 1-800-50-KARUK Extension 2034


Fax: Attn: Education (530) 493-1613


K-12 Education

Tutoring Program

Tutoring services are available for school-aged children, grades K -12, within the Tribe’s service area, that is defined as; Orleans, Forks of Salmon, Somes Bar, Happy Camp, Seiad, Klamath River and Yreka.  Native American students living within these areas qualify for services and that include both Tribal members and Tribal Descendants as funding allows.

The Education department is always looking for tutors. If you or someone you know wants to be a tutor contact the Education Coordinator. 530-493-1600 extension 2034 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Higher Education

Higher Education Grant Award
This grant is available to all enrolled Karuk Tribal members, no matter where you are located as long as you are enrolled at a college or university and attending school full-time.  The average grant award amount falls between $800 - $1000 per school year.  Students that remain in good standing defined as 2.0 GPA are eligible to continue to receive this grant for up to six years, as long as funding exists.  At the bottom of this page you can attain more information on eligibility requirements, greivance processes, policy and even download an application.  

Usually deadlines are at the end of July and available by the end of March of each year. You may obtain a application off the internet or call to request one be sent to you.  Occasionally a 1/2 year spring scholarship will be offered to those that did not already recieve a scholarship  for the full year as long as funding is available.  Only those that have not received a full year grant for that year are eligible to apply for the spring scholarships.



Educational Opportunities offered by other Tribal Programs

The Karuk Student Rent Voucher Program

The Karuk SRV Program is administered by the Karuk Tribal Housing Authority for enrolled Tribal members who attend a college or university full-time (12 or more units).  For more information on this program contact Ashlee King, at the Happy Camp Housing Authority, 1-800-250-5811 or (530)493-1414 extension. 3108. 


Adult Vocational Training Schools and Certificate Programs

Students interested in assistance to continue their education through an Adult Vocational School should contact Dion Wood, TERO/AVT Director, at 1-800-50-KARUK or (530) 493-1600 extension 2030, for information about financial assistance that may be available to you. 

Adult Vocational Education (click here to go to TERO web site)



Karuk Tribal HeadStart Program

          Patty Brown, Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

          Happy Camp Tribal Head Start

632 Jacobs Way, Happy Camp, CA 96039

(530) 493-2919

          Yreka Tribal Head Start

1316 Yellowhammer Road, Yreka, CA 96097

(530) 842-9225



Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Grant Scholarship Applications deadlines?

The Higher grant and scholarship application deadlines are typically due in the office at the end of July.  Occasionally ½ Spring Scholarships are available to those that did not already receive a full year Scholarship as funding allows. 

What if I can’t turn in Class schedule or Financial Needs Analysis by the Deadline?

The Financial Needs analysis and class schedules will be accepted a little later than the Application deadline if need be.  Check the application announcement for the due dates.

Where or how can I turn in the Grant and Scholarship applications and materials?

Fax:    ATTN: EDUCATION (530) 493-1613


Karuk Administration Office

PO Box 1016

Happy Camp, CA 96039

Where do I turn in the Student Rent Voucher application?

Contact Ashlee King at the Karuk Tribal Housing Authority: (530)493-1414  extension 3108

How do I learn more about the Student Rent Voucher Program?

Contact Ashlee King at the Karuk Tribal Housing Authority: (530)493-1414  extension 3108

How do I get financial needs analysis done?

Go to your school Financial Aid Office/Cashiers and have a financial Aid officer complete it and mail or fax it to the Karuk Education Dept.  To be safe it is best to stand in line to get it completed and signed, then request that they fax it while you wait for copy of the receipt.  Be persistent! Sometimes you can drop it off at the FAO and it will not get done!  Sometimes you must sign a privacy waiver form provided by your school for them to release info to the tribe.

Can I fax in the application materials and Financial Needs Analysis?

Yes.  Attn: Education (530)493-1613

Are there book reimbursements available through the Education Department?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no assistance available for book reimbursements.

How do I know whether I am eligible because of my tribal enrollment status (tribal member vs. tribal descendant)?

If look at your Tribal ID and see a D in front of your Tribal # then you are a tribal descendant and if you see no D then you are a Member.  For more information on your enrollment status please call the Tribe’s enrollment Department at (800) 505 2785 extension 2028.

Is there any services offered to Tribal descendant college students this year?

Unfortunately, there is no funding available however you may call the department to check as sometime grants may be awarded to assist with book reimbursements.   

What are Tribal member college students eligible to apply for this?

Members are eligible for the Higher Education Grant and the Student Rent Voucher Program provided they meet all other requirements.


Education Department Forms

Please click on title of form to download:

2015-2016 Karuk Higher Education Grant Application (PDF)

Higher Education Grant Policy approved 9.1.11 (PDF)

Fax completed forms to (530) 493-5322, Attn: Education


Karuk Tribe Housing Authority Forms

Student Rent Voucher Application (link to KTHA forms)

Contact Ashlee King, at the Happy Camp Karuk Tribal Housing Authority, 1-800-250-5811 or (530)493-1414  extension 3108 for more information about this application.